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Julien Martinson has won numerous awards for public speaking from Toastmasters International. In addition, he has participated in international public speaking competitions in Portland, Oregon, Indianapolis, Indiana, and Dallas, Texas. Julien was invited to speak at TEDx, graduation ceremonies, as well as academic-related events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you’ll find answers to commonly asked questions about Julien’s background, his involvement in the aviation industry, and his recently published book.

Julien Martinson is a seasoned aviation professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. He is a licensed aviation consultant and author.

Julien Martinson’s expertise stems from his diverse background in aviation, which includes working as an instructor and consultant. He has firsthand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities within the industry and is dedicated to helping individuals navigate their aviation career paths.

Julien Martinson recently published “The Ultimate Guide to Careers in Aviation,” a comprehensive resource for individuals interested in pursuing careers in aviation. This book draws upon Julien’s extensive experience and provides invaluable insights into various aviation career options, training requirements, and industry trends.

Yes, Julien Martinson is actively engaged in the aviation community through his speaking engagements, consulting work, and participation in industry events. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences to inspire and empower others in their aviation endeavors.

TED Recommendation

Julien was specifically recommended by the TED organization for his inspiring and enlightening speaking and offering of valuable insights.

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